Our Mission

Strengthening Nonprofits Toward Excellence

Why: Strong Nonprofits mean Strong Communities

Nonprofits are vital to our local economy, and we often step in the gap to provide social services and support that other entities cannot. Without nonprofits, our community would not be as robust, beautiful, welcoming, and caring. We make the Mid-South a great place to live and work, we employ thousands of people, and we save thousands in tax dollars from offset governmental costs. Just last year, we conducted groundbreaking research about the impact Tennessee nonprofits have in the fields of employment, revenue, and industry impact. There is no doubt that strong nonprofits are a crucial component of a strong community.

How: People, Revenue, Impact

We strengthen nonprofits by focusing on the things that matter most when creating a thriving organization: people, revenue, and impact. We offer customized training and consulting in these areas to help our member organizations increase their impact and adapt to change.

Strengthen board and staff leadership while building the human resources systems to move your nonprofit forward.


Strike a balance between mission and money, developing new revenue strategies and enhancing financial management.


Align vision to impact as you measure change, develop better solutions, and establish a compelling story.


What: Training, Consulting, Connecting

For the past 25 years, we have worked to identify what strong, sustainable nonprofits do to become excellent. We offer training and expert consulting in all three focus areas to address capacity building, and we offer unique opportunities to connect with other nonprofits to foster collaboration and innovation.