Nonprofit Sector Advocacy

We believe in the collective power of the nonprofit sector and the economic impact it has on our community. This is why we take a lead role in connecting our members to policy makers and elected officials. We believe that in working together we will have better mission alignment, wider reach, and greater impact. 

Advising Local Policy Makers


When Mayor Strickland was elected, the Alliance saw an opportunity to assist him in accomplishing his goals for Memphis. In partnership with the Mayor's cabinet, the Alliance formed the Nonprofit Advisory Council to aid in the strategic planning process for the city. The council will advise Mayor Strickland on health and human services, housing, youth development, community development, crime prevention, and many other issues that affect our community.



The Alliance hosted its first ever Nonprofit Day on the Hill this year to educate state legislators on the positive economic impact the sector has on the Tennessee state revenue. Sixty Memphis nonprofit leaders met with legislators to share new, compelling information about how fiscally important the sector is to the state. The Alliance spearheaded the statewide research and coordinated the effort to connect nonprofits and legislators.

State-Level Research

Last year, we conducted groundbreaking research about the impact Tennessee nonprofits have in the fields of employment, revenue, and industry impact. We used this research to inform legislators and policy makers about how much nonprofits provide to our local economy and make them more aware of the important contributions of our sector.

Strategic partnerships with national organizations

We are a member of the NCN which assists us in keeping our members informed on policy changes at the national level. We also participate in Nonprofit VOTE, a national Get out the Vote effort with nonprofit professionals and their clients.